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All about charging
Driving range

Top-up and go, go, go.

There’s no stopping MINI Electric, however big the journey, because topping up on the go is easier than ever. There are already more charging stations than filling stations in the UK, and the network is growing every day.

Thanks to our partnership with bp pulse and the UK-wide pulse network, MINI Electric owners can top up quickly and easily at over 7,000 charging points, using both AC public chargers and Rapid DC chargers.

Find charging points fast.

In your MINI Electric, you’re never far away from a public charging point. And there’s more than one way to find them.

Charging cables and plugs.

There are three different types of plug connection for charging. A standard 3-pin plug for AC charging, a Type 2 plug for fast AC charging and a CSS plug for Rapid DC charging.
MINI Recharging


The fastest charging points are typically found at motorway service stations and on main routes. They use a DC supply to charge rapidly at a rating of up to 100kw. Using this method, the MINI Electric can charge to 80% in as little as 20 minutes.

Fast charging.

Fast charging points are the most common and deliver an AC supply at a higher rating of either 7kw or 22kw. While MINI Electric can use both, it has a maximum rating of 7kw with an AC supply. Which means a full charge would take 3-4 hours.

Slow charging.

Slow charging points are less common and tend to be older devices. They deliver an AC supply and are rated at up to 3kw or 6kw. If you have enough time, MINI Electric can achieve a full charge in 6-12 hours. You can also use this method by charging with a standard 3 pin plug at home.

Any questions?

If you’d like to know more about public charging points, please contact your local MINI retailer.