MINI Value Service.
No one loves your MINI like you do. But we come a close second.

We handle your MINI with care. Because we know just how much it means to you. MINI Value Service looks after MINIs three years or older to keep them running like new.

“Keeping my MINI off my never-ending to-do list.”

Let us take care of your MINI, so you get more time to look after life's other little tasks. With MINI Centres across the UK you can feel safe in the knowledge that a MINI expert is just a stone’s throw away. Book your service online or by phone, and while we service your MINI you can enjoy a coffee and a chat with one of our pros – or even a mooch around our merch.

"Keeping our MINI feeling new. When the mileage counter says it isn’t.”

If your MINI is at least 3 years old, we can help you keep it in pristine condition for many years to come. We’ll give your MINI a thorough service every once in a while, and if we do pick up on anything that needs our attention, we’ll only ever use MINI Genuine Parts with a two-year warranty, fitted by an expert MINI technician. We’re competitively priced, so surprise yourself by getting a quote for your MINI.

“Not having to call dad whenever a dashboard light comes on.”

Our MINI experts care just as much about your MINI as you do (well, almost). They work with MINIs (and only MINIs) all day long, so you won’t just get a warm welcome when you bring your car in for a service. You’ll also get total peace of mind that you’ve got the best MINI technicians on the job, with the know-how to walk you through the whole process in plain English.



Value Service Range.

The whole range of services we offer are carried out by MINI Technicians using only top-quality Genuine MINI Parts, which are guaranteed for two years.

MINI Hatch Pre 2013
MINI Convertible Pre 2014
MINI Roadster Pre 2014
MINI Coupé Pre 2014
MINI Clubman Pre 2014
MINI Countryman Pre 2014 MINI Hatch 5-Door Pre 2014
MINI Hatch 3-Door Pre 2014
MINI Inspection I Moreinformation £185.00*
£135.00 N/A
MINI Inspection II Moreinformation £285.00* £235.00 N/A
New Front Brake Pads Moreinformation £115.00 £115.00 £159.00
NEW REAR BRAKE PADS disclaimer £109.00 £109.00 £129.00
New Front Brake Pads and Discs Moreinformation £199.00 £199.00 £259.00
NEW REAR BRAKE PADS AND DISCS Moreinformation £169.00 £169.00 £199.00
Oil & Microfilter Moreinformation £115.00 N/A
Vehicle Check Moreinformation £44.00* £44.00 £44.00

*Not available on all models. Please see information icons for exclusions.