Map Update
£ 30.00
Map Update

Map Update

Keep your vehicle’s Map up to date by receiving the most current navigation map data either via a USB update or automatically over-the-air.
1 year
£ 30.00
(incl. VAT)
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The Map Update Package allows the MINI navigation system, combined with MINI Connected, to update the navigation map data either via USB or automatically over-the-air. A USB map update can be completed via the MINI portal to integrate the latest European wide map data, or as soon as a new navigation map version is available for the country that your vehicle is registered in, the update is transferred via the integrated SIM card directly into the vehicle’s navigation system, completely over-the-air. Customers need not worry about data costs or license costs, or having to have map updates completed by a MINI Service Centre. During the update process, the navigation system remains fully functional.

The advantages for you:

  • Always have the most up-to-date navigation map data.
  • Over-the-air updates up to 4-times annually.
  • Updates take place automatically as soon as the latest version of map data is available.

May only be available with additional optional equipment. Availability of MINI Connected Services are dependent on vehicle specification, optional equipment and production date. Please consult your local MINI Retailer for more information if required.


Always on the right path

No matter where you are driving and which route you take, with Map Update you can always be sure that you will travel directly to your destination without unnecessary detours.

After all, there are two ways to keep your maps accurate and up to date at all times, both at home and abroad. How quickly do road layouts change? And how often do you encounter roadworks on your way to the office? The automatic map update feature works over the air using the SIM card installed in your car. It constantly modifies your current map data to include the most recent changes and adaptations. As a result, you experience no more unpleasant surprises on the road. From time to time, however, it is necessary to completely update the maps for a particular region. That is exactly what is possible with the USB map update, a service that helps you to ensure your road information is fully up to date.