Back in October, MINI featured at various English Heritage sites around the UK. We were there, hosting spooktacular treasure hunts and showing off our adventurous SUV, the MINI Countryman.

Even if you couldn't be there with us, you can still discover the MINI Countryman’s supreme spaciousness, off-road capability and a wild, spontaneous spirit.

Who’s In?

Read The Storybooks.

As part of our collaboration, The Telegraph and a selection of award-winning authors have produced four fun children’s short stories. Each tale tells a story about one of the four iconic locations we’ve been to.

Dover Castle Cat

The Castle Cat.

This story’s about a time travelling cat and mouse who live in Dover Castle. Follow their journey from the Middle Ages to the Second World War.

Bees of Battle Abbey

The bees of battle abbey.

How do you fancy a history lesson with a twist? Join Fizz and Buzz on their discovery of Battle Abbey and find out why it’s such an important British landmark.

Goldenwing and the enchanted tower.

Goldenwing the dove dreams of grand adventures and epic battles. In this story he meets one of the greatest raconteurs in all of Warwickshire.
Rueben and the horse

Reuben and the magical horse.

Grab hold of the mane of Eros – the time travelling horse – and join him and his friend Reuben on a journey through the ages.
MINI Countryman

Add stories with the MINI Countryman.

The MINI Countryman offers an equal dose of practicality and spontaneity. It’s a versatile MINI, with a wild side.

So if you’re into escaping the city and making the most of the weekend, then this is the car for you. Book your 48 hour test drive today.