MINI living: the future of urban habitats.


MINI LIVING is a long-term research project, exploring how creative use of space through innovative design can support our cities and the needs of the people living in them.

In 2016 we collaborated with Asif Khan to create a series of urban forests, offering a fresh approach to how we all relax, create and connect in shared urban space (you can read more about 2016’s events and workshops below). After the success of 2016, we’re returning in 2017 with something completely new.

For 2017's London Design Festival, MINI LIVING presents Urban Cabin: a micro-house on Southbank for city dwellers to learn from each other and exchange resources. This time ‘round we’ve collaborated with urban masters Sam Jacob Studio. They’ve been commissioned by MINI LIVING to build two modules which represent London’s Character; a shared kitchen, symbolizing the importance of food markets in modern culture, and a micro-library where visitors are encouraged to share books in a city where the number of public libraries are falling every year. Visit from 16th – 24th September at the OXO Tower Wharf Courtyard, Southbank.





MINI living: "forests" by asif khan.

For the 2016 London Design Festival, we created something we’re pretty proud to share. Joining forces with designer Asif Khan, we crafted three special installations around the city, called MINI LIVING Forests. Offering a fresh approach to how we all relax, create and connect in shared urban space.

The project continued on from the launch of the MINI LIVING initiative – an exploration of architectural solutions to urban living challenges – which kicked off at the 2016 Salone del Mobile in Milan.

As part of the MINI LIVING Forests installation, we hosted a series of events and workshops inspired by modern urban lifestyle. You can read more about those below.



The Relax space was the perfect refuge for the stresses of everyday urban life. A haven of escape with ‘Mind’ meditation podcasts playing on headphones and one-on-one mindfulness sessions with an expert yoga teacher.


The Create space was all about igniting creativity, especially the art of photography in architecture and design. Aspiring creators also got exclusive tips from pro photographer Jamie McGregor Smith, in collaboration with Wallpaper magazine.



The Connect installation celebrated socialising and catching up with friends. At its heart, the Disappearing Dining supper club hosted an immersive dining experience, with the aim of enhancing unity and fostering new relationships.


Mindful meditation with mind apps.

We’re busier than we’ve ever been. In fact, over 4 million people in the UK work an average of 48 hours a week. That’s why it’s more important than ever to find time to switch off. Time to find inner-peace and calm. In our MINI LIVING Relax space, Magnus Fridh – co-founder of Mind Apps and Yoga Teacher – gave 30-minute introductions to mindfulness. He took guests through basic techniques, which helped to increase the presence of mindfulness in their daily lives.

The living image lab with wallpaper*.

Capturing the perfect shot for Instagram is easier said than done. Which is why we offered ‘Create’ space guests an exclusive photography workshop. Wallpaper* worked in collaboration with photographer Jamie McGregor Smith to teach tips and new techniques on capturing the city with your smartphone. The 30-minute urban architectural photography workshops at the MINI LIVING ‘Create’ space allowed guests to make their own visual masterpieces.

The connected dining experience with disappearing dining club.

Dinner party masters Disappearing Dining Club believe that food shouldn’t be eaten alone, but should instead be an experience to connect with new people. They believe a great atmosphere, great good and great company are the core ingredients to the perfect dining experience. Our long communal bench and plant-filled space was the ideal setting for the MINI LIVING supper club.

Discussing the challenges of urban living with Oke Hauser.

Oke Hauser, the Creative Lead of MINI LIVING, joined us at the Create Space for an in-depth discussion on the MINI LIVING Forests project. He discussed the project in relation to urban living challenges, current trends and possible solutions to urban densification.