The new platonic match making service.


In today’s hyper-digital world, in which Facetime has replaced face-to-face time, we have fewer hours in the day to really connect with people and form the kind of friendships that last a lifetime.

Introducing MINI Hatch Maker, a brand-new experience based platonic matchmaking service that takes advantages of the spacious new MINI 5-door Hatch to connect you with like-minded people whilst experiencing some of the most unique and exciting adventures the UK has to offer.

Created in partnership with renowned psychologist, Mark Coulson, Hatch Maker will use a series of questions which have been expertly designed to pair participants with a potential best friend. Lucky matched pairs will then get to put their friendship to the test during a completely bespoke road-trip made possible by the MINI 5-door Hatch.

Tailor-made experiences will be kept a secret until the day, but will be based on shared passions between you and your match.

Whether that be indulging in your passion for nature with a money can’t buy bee-keeping masterclass at a lavender farm, bonding over your likewise fear of sharks in a wild water swim off a beautiful coast or discovering you’re both rather fond of pickled eggs on a foodie tour led by locals.

Who is Mark Coulson?

With a PHD in psychology from Cambridge University, Mark knows a thing or two about how the human brain works and particularly how digital and face-to-face experiences play a role in the formation of relationships. His studies about human behaviour were really put into practice when he was part of the match making team on Channel 4’s ‘Married at First Sight’, seeing couples paired off according to results from a psychological test. As part of the MINI Hatch Maker service, Mark has developed a series of questions, based on human research, which will help him determine if two people have the potential to be best friends.


The MINI 5-door Hatch mixes trademark MINI attitude with more doors, more head space and more leg room. And it’s better connected than ever before thanks to its in-car SIM card and optional MINI Connected services. Enjoy features like Online Search functionality, Concierge Call and Apple CarPlay. It's designed to give you more options to suit your personal style, without sacrificing MINI's classic go-kart handling. Enjoy greater convenience and control whether you're inside or outside your MINI. Fast, reliable connectivity enhances your experience and ensures you and your passengers stay connected while enjoying the journey.